Block 24 Inspector Sidekick

quilted lines on batting
Quilting on reverse of block 24 Inspector Sidekick

My flying geese are improving! I still cut the points off where they meet the borders, but the inside ones came out pretty well, and the seams match up (mostly) inside the block. I’m making progress!

I chose continuous curve and echoing for the quilting. I did the center square first, and had to break thread because I wanted the inner square to float. I did the quilting around the points of the geese without breaking thread because I could travel along the outside of the light green square. Same with the curves in the light brown corner patches–I traveled in the ditch around the center square. For the tiny, darker corner squares, I did continuous curve in each one and then traveled in the ditch along the block border so I could do all four of those without breaking thread.

Mapping my way around some of these blocks to minimize having to tie off knots was fun and challenging! I like how this one turned out, though I think I need to practice continuous curve a bit.

quilted block
Inspector Sidekick

Inspector Sidekick is block 24 of the Splendid Sampler and was designed by Michele Foster. Read the story behind this block and meet her team of furry quilt inspectors! My quilt inspector is Chaos. He has a basket of his own on a shelf next to my sewing table where he likes to nap and watch me sew.

A Somali cat curled up in a basket
Chaos in his basket


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