Block 34 Lemonade

quilted lines on batting
Quilting on reverse of block 34 Lemonade

This was another easy and fun block to make. Since there were only two small curved patches, I did them by hand. I chose simple quilting, just a wishbone inside the lemon, echoing outside, and some light outlining to set off the white square and the corners. I used a thread that would show up inside the lemon (risky!) and I’m happy with how it turned out. For once I don’t even mind that the curved patches don’t line up on both ends with the rest of the lemon 🙂

quilted block

Lemonade is block 34 of the Splendid Sampler and was designed by Amy Gibson. Read her sweet story about the inspiration for this block: how a heartbreaking quilt disaster (the lemons) turned into a beautiful story of family, friends, love, and support (the lemonade!).

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