Extra Block: The Magic of Christmas

quilted lines on batting
Quilting on reverse of The Magic of Christmas

This block was fun to make. I used three different white-on-white prints for the background and a leftover bit of a favorite dark red for the star. I wanted the quilting to make the star look like it was shining, so I added straight lines that radiate outward from the star in each of the corners and side patches. The lines are sometimes single, sometimes doubled, and sometimes tripled to help convey the sense of shining light. Inside the star, I simply echoed close to the edge of the red patches, and then quilted a pattern of triangles in the center white patch to look like light radiating out from the center.

I’m happy with how this one turned out — sometimes a simple pattern is very effective.

quilted block
The Magic of Christmas

The Magic of Christmas was designed by Lisa Bonnegan as part of a full-quilt stitch-along pattern. I selected it for my Splendid Sampler because I love the uncluttered design and because it was already sized to finish at 6″.

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