This Week in the City Sampler

It’s so exciting to see all the blocks coming together as we get closer to the end of this project. Other quilters have been posting collages of their blocks together and I’m impatient to see everyone’s completed quilt tops. We still have a few blocks to go, though. This week is all about squares, or in the case of some of my blocks, quadrilaterals:

quilt block in red-violet
Block #78
quilt block in blue and teal
Block #79
quilt block in yellow and orange
Block #80
quilt block in blue
Block #81
quilt block in red-violet
Block #82
quilt block in aqua
Block #83
quilt block in orange
Block #84

Next week, we will finish up the Squares section and move into the last section of the book, which Tula Pink calls Haiku. The last set of blocks don’t have any particular theme, but they focus on interesting compositions. I’m looking forward to it!

These blocks are from Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks and they were created for the #100days100blocks2018 sew-along hosted by Gnome Angel.

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