This Week in the City Sampler

This week goes all the way to block 91 — almost there! I actually just finished sewing all the blocks today, and finally have them up on my new design wall so I can decide what order to put them in for the finished quilt top. My quilt is called Hello, Seattle because I moved to Seattle in the middle of making it. The sashing (the fabric that goes between the blocks, the background fabric) is a gray Kona cotton, aptly named Overcast. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself — I haven’t even started cutting the sashing yet. I’m still playing with the block arrangement, mostly because it’s fun to use my new design wall! I’ll post about that later. Meanwhile, here are blocks 85-91:

quilt block in green
Block #85

Block #85 is the last of the Squares blocks. From here on, we’re in the Haiku section of the book, where we play with composition.

quilt block in red and pink
Block #86
quilt block in yellow-green
Block #87
quilt block in blue
Block #88, Under the Sound

Block #88 got a name because one occurred to me. I’m thinking I’ll go back and name them all once I’m a little more familiar with the city.

quilt block in blue-green
Block #89
quilt block in orange
Block #90
quilt block in turquoise
Block #91

Next week, we’ll get up to block 98 — almost there! I can’t believe this project is coming to a close. I’ve had such a great time, and I managed to keep up (so far) with one post a day despite packing, moving, and unpacking. I think I will actually miss having to post one block a day. Still, I think it’s too soon to sign up for another sew-along. After all, I have 3 bed-size quilt tops to quilt!

These blocks are from Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks and they were created for the #100days100blocks2018 sew-along hosted by Gnome Angel.

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