Wrapping Up the City Sampler

It’s over! Yesterday we posted the last block — #100 — and now everyone is finishing their quilt tops or showing pictures of their completed quilts. It’s wonderful to see how many variations of quilts are being created from the same set of blocks. But I’m getting ahead of myself — first, here are the two final blocks for my quilt:

quilt block in blue
Block #99
quilt block in green
Block #100

I put all the blocks up on my beautiful new design wall so I could see them together. This is almost, but not quite, the final layout. One of my friends says he rotated one of the blocks when I wasn’t looking, and I haven’t been able to find it so I guess it’ll go into the quilt that way šŸ˜‰

blocks arranged in a rainbow on my design wall
Almost the final layout

So far, I’ve pieced half of the center of the quilt (a 10×10 grid of all the blocks, separated by grey sashing fabric) and today I’m hoping to make progress on the second half. I made a slight math error (well, not so much a math error — my math was correct — as just forgetting to add a second column of numbers to the first. I added correctly, insofar as I added at all)Ā  when I originally ordered the grey fabric for the sashing and I got a yard less than I needed, so the rest of that is due in on Wednesday and I can’t finish the top before then. I’ll get as much as I can done, though.

detail of a sewing space with rows on the design wall and draped over a cutting table
Assembling the rows

I’m off to add two more rows to the top!

These blocks are fromĀ Tula Pinkā€™s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt BlocksĀ and they were created for theĀ #100days100blocks2018 sew-alongĀ hosted by Gnome Angel.


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