Block 14 Flying High

quilting lines
Quilting on reverse of block 14, Flying High

This one went very quickly as I only quilted in gold. I started with a wavy line from edge to edge, then echoed back along it. I traveled along the block edge, started the second line, and quilted up to the first seagull. Then I echoed around the seagull until I reached where I’d started, then echoed the wavy line back to the start. I worked my way down the right side of the quilt block, ending up in the bottom right corner.

I traveled along the bottom of the block and started working my way up the left edge, quilting wavy lines out to the seagulls and back to complete the cross-block waves. I wanted it to have a “sky” feeling, like looking up at the silhouettes of gulls against the setting sun. Quick and easy!

quilted block
Flying High

Flying High is block 14 of The Splendid Sampler and was designed by Janet Clare.

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