Block 35 The Wishful Garden

quilting lines
Quilting on reverse of block 35, The Wishful Garden

This block was fun because I haven’t done much embroidery, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it and how well it came out. I wasn’t sure how to quilt around embroidery so I did a little research and found (unsurprisingly) that you don’t quilt over it.

I started with gold thread in the very center, with four small arcs to soften the square a little. Then I switched to red thread to fill in the echoes in the triangles. To make them come out evenly, I used a chalk pencil and ruler to draw a line bisecting the triangle from its inner point to the middle of the long side along the block edge. Then I marked out points on the line about 1/4″ apart, or a little wider. I used the ruler to mark chalk lines from each outer corner to the points on the line, which gave me the echo lines. I quilted along those lines, but not along the original bisecting line, pausing at the bisecting line to get that sharp point.

Quick and easy except that I had to break thread after each triangle, which meant a lot of knots to bury (two per triangle). I didn’t want to risk the red thread showing on the cream stripes behind the embroidery if I traveled around the corners.

quilted block
The Wishful Garden

The Wishful Garden is block 35 of The Splendid Sampler and was designed by Kristyne Czepuryk, whose own version of this block is a delightful confection.

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