Block 69 Full Circle

quilted lines on batting
Quilting on reverse of block 69 Full Circle

I really like how the quilting came out on this block! It was a little tricky to piece, but definitely worth it. When I quilted it, I wanted to emphasize the stripes in the top half of the circle, so I quilted straight lines about 1/4″ or so apart. In the bottom half, I used a variation of continuous curve from Angela Walter’s book Shape by Shape to make an elegant motif that contrasts nicely with the stripes.

Outside the circle, I echoed it to help it stand out, and then quilted pebbles behind the top half (again for contrast with the stripes) and back-and-forth narrow lines in the lower half (this time, to bring the stripe motif into the bottom half of the block). I love the overall effect.

quilted block
Full Circle

Full Circle is block 69 of the Splendid Sampler and was designed by Holly DeGroot.


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