Block 71 First Stitch

quilting lines
Quilting on reverse of block 71, First Stitch

I’ll admit I have mixed feelings about how I quilted this one. I tried some big-little loops in the yellow pieces but they don’t thrill me. The rest looks fine, but I had to break thread a bunch of times to make it work out in the pattern I wanted. I was kind of glad when it was over, tbh 🙂

I do like the block pattern, though. There are lots of variations for how it presents based on where you place different colors and values. Mine plays with the four little x shapes and also brings out the larger x and o shapes too. The designer, Kerry Green, has some neat variations (including a straight-set version that’s really pretty) on her blog post about the block.

quilted block
First Stitch

First Stitch is block 71 of The Splendid Sampler and was designed by Kerry Green.

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