Block 4 Happy, Happy

quilted lines on batting
Quilting on reverse of block 4 Happy, Happy

I enjoy appliqué, so this block was fun to do. When it was time to quilt it, I wanted the little flower circles to pop up and the background to recede, so I echoed around the shape of the vase and flowers and then quilted close back & forth lines in the background squares. I also added a little diagonal texture to the vase, but not as densely as the background so it would still stand out a bit. It was quick and easy to quilt and I like how it came out.

I chose to use green thread on the green background squares and a pale gold on the yellow ones, but I picked up at the same point where the other thread left off (for instance, outlining the vase) so it looks like it was continuously quilted.

quilted block
Happy, Happy

Happy, Happy is block 4 of the Splendid Sampler and was designed by Jen Kingwell.

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