Block 13 Scrap Stars

quilted lines on batting
Quilting on reverse of block 13 Scrap Stars

My version of Scrap Stars differs a little from the original pattern. Let’s say I was making the best of a measuring error and leave it at that 🙂 My block frame is different, and I chose to use only two fabrics instead of the scrappy mixture that the designer Corey Yoder used so effectively. I didn’t think the fabrics I’d chosen for my Sampler would look as good in that scrappy combo so I just chose two for the star and frame and another for the background.

For the quilting I wanted to emphasize the star shape, so I echoed around it twice. I also wanted something inside each point of the star but I opted for curved lines instead of straight echoes. It softens the star a little and reminds me of a poinsettia.

On the frame, I echoed tightly inside the two lighter borders (the pale green and the peachy color) and left the dark border alone so that it would puff up a little. It adds a little bit of nice texture there. I didn’t use the designer’s border because of my, ahem, measuring error. In this case, I measured once, cut once, and decided to make the best of it 🙂

quilted block
Scrap Stars

Scrap Stars is block 13 of the first Splendid Sampler and was designed by Corey Yoder.

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